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David Olinger is a songwriter and pastor living in Winston-Salem, NC. His debut studio album Hope was released at the end of 2012 and he is currently working on follow-up gospel and americana albums slated for release in 2017.

David leads the worship department at Awake Church in Winston Salem, where the Wellborne Music community is based. 


Nic Williams moved to Winston-Salem, NC in 2013, and has served as a worship leader and choir director at Awake Church. 

Nic is a passionate lover of God and people. His heart is to see others become more aware of the presence and nearness of God in their everyday lives, encouraging them to live fully and authentically as sons and daughters of God. 


Tori Elliott is a singer-songwriter from southern Ohio. She began writing songs when she was a teenager, and fell in love with the Holy Spirit through music of all kinds.

Tori currently resides in Winston Salem, NC where she leads worship with Wellborne Music and performs with her band, Victoria Victoria. 


Justin Dale Myers is a guitar and pedal steel player from North Carolina. Justin is passionate about living and teaching the true life of worship that Christ has called us to. When he's not writing, recording, or playing out, you'll find him in the woods hunting and fishing. 

Justin currently lives in Greensboro, NC with his new wife, Marianne.

Gregory Mabe is a studio and live musician from Winston-Salem, NC who specializes in bass guitar and audio programming. Gregory has been playing bass for just over 10 years. He started leading worship as a young age and it quickly grew his passion for the Lord, people, and for worship through music. 

Gregory currently lives in the Village of Clemmons, NC with his beautiful wife Ashlee. He works for Calvary as the West Campus Production Ministry Assistant.