Wellborne Music exists to empower songwriters and musicians to write music and record albums that set captives free, bring healing to the broken, and hope to the searching soul. 

Our passion is to release hope inside of homes, businesses, headphones, long car rides to work, churches and hospital rooms; to produce music that brings strength and courage to weary wanderers. It might be "that one song" that ends up being the anthem for a person who desperately needs courage to keep battling that disease...  or, overcome that devastating loss that left them feeling numb...  or to simply hold on to the hope that there is goodness, real goodness in the world. 

We are a community of songwriters, artists and musicians based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The name "Wellborne" was inspired by a group named the Moravians who settled Winston-Salem. They were ministers, businessmen, artists, songwriters and creators.... they were adventurers. Much like a well of water can be dug that brings hydration to future generations, wells of creativity, spirituality and entrepreneurship are also cultivated for future generations to "draw" from; otherwise known as an inheritance. 

"We are merchants and salesmen, so that our children can be lawyers and politicians... so that their children can be artists and poets." 

I love this quote. Doesn't it tie up so many loose ends? Doesn't it speak to the importance of the one who makes things beautiful? Yes, beauty is worth the time, the investment, the hard work and the dedication. The artist. The creator. The well-digger. 

Never in all of history has there been a better time than now for the creative to create. For the beauty-maker to make things beautiful. For the writer to pick up her pen... and write.

Thank you for joining us on our journey and being a part of the Wellborne Music community. For updates and new music, subscribe to the email address below.